Giveaways/presents for Principal Sponsors:

1.)   Hanging garments bags  for both male and female

2.)   Shoe bags for both male and female

3.)   Toiletry bag with ribbonette design (ribbons can be based on color scheme of wedding)

4.)   Ladies Toiletry bags

5.)   Toiletry bag for men

6.)   Pitcher and glass cover sets

7.)   Trays with doily

8.)   Hand towels


Giveaways/presents for Bridesmaids and female secondary sponsors:

1.)   Utility underwear and shoe bag

2.)   Bikini and flip flop bag

3.)   Luggage tags

4.)   Toiletry bags

5.)   Laundry bags

6.)   shoe bags

7.)   suitcase organizer for Bikinis


Giveaways/presents for Groomsmen and male secondary sponsors:

1.)   Hanging garment bags

2.)   Shoe bags

3.)   Laundry bags

4.)   Toiletry bag for men

5.)   luggage tags


Giveaways/ presents for the flower girls:

1.)   Toiletry bag

2.)   Toiletry bag with bo-peep design

3.)   Laundry bag

4.)   All purpose pouch

5.)   zip pouch

6.)   towel bag

7.)   small carry all tote

8.)   ballet bag

9.)   tubular bag

10.) bikini and flip flop bags


Giveaways/ presents for the coin, bible and ring bearer:

1.)   Toiletry bag

2.)   Laundry bag

3.)   all purpose pouch

4.)   zip pouch

5.)   backpack towel bag

6.)   tubular bag